PPN5 - Benchtop Potato Peeler - 5KG

Potato Peelers

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PPN5 - Benchtop Potato Peeler - 5KG

This peeler is manufactured in Italy and is of highest quality, simple to operate and easy to clean

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  • An appliance for peeling potatoes and carrots
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Upper cover in food-safe polycarbonate
  • Safety micro-switch on lid and outlet
  • Timer 0 - 4 minutes
  • Button for the ejection of the food product
  • Automatic jet of water to favour the elimination of the peel residues
  • An extractable abrasive plate
  • Dimension of waste-water outlet: Diameter 90 mm
Model PPN 5
Power 0.37 KW
Voltage 230 V / 10A Plug
Max Load 5 KG
Max Output 60 KG/H
Dimensions (WxDxH) 520x630x590 mm
Weight 26 KG

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