SO3000K Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

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SO3000K Reverse Osmosis System

The solution for perfect dry glasses

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  • Display for controlling and setting every operation
  • External cartridge for an easy replacement by the user
  • Less detergent and rinse-aid consumptions
  • Easy opening for maintenance
  • Removes all the impurities from water
  • Can also be installed horizontally
  • SO3001 pre filter cartridge life-time: 18.000Ltr



Model SO3000K
Dimensions (WxDxH )mm 107x450x540
Power 300W
Inlet water temperature max. 30C
Outlet water pressure ~ 0.5 Bar
Rate of flow 180L/Hr @ 25C
Inlet water hardness max. 30F

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