ASP05 Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer - 5 Tray

Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers

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ASP05 Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer - 5 Tray

Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers are designed to quickly chilling foods to an optimum, hygienic storing temperature to preserve flavour and structure. Ideal for caterers, commercial kitchens as well as ice-creameries.

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  • 304 stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Adjustable Multi Rack Tray Holder > GN 1/1 or 600x400 or 660x460 or up to 4 ice cream trays of size 360x165x120 per level
  • Removable tray holders
  • Ambient operating temperature: 43oC
  • Touch control on top of the unit with user-friendly graphic display
  • Cycle controlled by core probe or timer
  • Equipped with HACCP function
  • Pre-set recipes
  • Fish sanitation cycle
  • Larger evaporator fan improves airflow and heat extraction
  • Reversible door
  • Top of the market cooling and energy saving performance
  • Anti-condensation door frame
  • Hot gas defrost system
  • Self-closing door
  • Easy to clean magnetic sealing gasket, replaceable without tools
  • Insulation with high density HDPI polyurethane 70mm thickness
  •  Composite fan blade with low temperature bearing
Model ASP05
Cooling Capacity 1870 W
Chill Capacity per Cycle 20 KG = +90C ~ +3C
Freeze Capacity per Cycle 13 KG = +90C ~ -18C
Power 1.3 kW
Voltage 230 V / 10 Amps
Tray Spacing 68 mm
Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) 840x830x900 mm
Weight 110 KG

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